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WTF? Gangsta air


During a drive down Southwest Boulevard one afternoon, we discovered a sign outside Boulevard Car Wash that read: “GANGSTA AIR SOLD HERE.”

One illegal U-turn later, we were gunning through a car-wash bay in desperate pursuit. What is this “gangsta air”? Where can we find it? How much does it cost?

We spotted a dispenser behind the building labeled “Gangster Air Car and Home Deodorizer.”

Turns out, it’s an odor eliminator available in three fragrances: Pimp Juice, Jazzy and — wait for it — Barack.

OK. Pimp Juice seems gangsta enough. Jazzy sort of makes sense.

But Barack? Really?

We fed the machine four bucks and retrieved one Barack air freshener. In the safety of the office, we opened the packet. Inside, a small disc reeked of some pungent woodsy musk. The scent, according to packaging, supposedly lasts 30 to 60 days.

Want to get in on Gangster Air? You can find it at the car wash, 2701 Southwest Blvd., or at gangsterair.com, where other scents include Suicide, Pop that Cheery (sic) and White Girl.



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