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What You’re Listening to: DJ Brent Tactic


Brent Tactic is a staple DJ on the Kansas City scene.


Brent Tactic certainly has no problem punching a time clock.

The Kansas City DJ is a staple at clubs throughout the metro. He has back-to-back shows this week, starting with the second edition of Think 2wice Thursdays on the Riot Room patio, along with DJ B-Stee and $pencelove. Friday he’ll hit the Granada in Lawrence with Nadastrom, DJ Sabo, DJ B-Stee and DJ Archi. And on Saturday and Sunday, he’ll spin at the Superb! Bass Party at Gusto Lounge and at the Sunday Funday event at Haus in Martini Corner.

In the meantime, here are 10 songs that have captured the DJ’s attention.

“Mad Men (Secret Sauce Remix)” by :DFace

“Secret Sauce is a production crew I’m in with fellow local DJ/producers DJ B-Stee & DJ Archi. We just wrapped up on this remix a couple weeks ago that’s coming out fairly soon. It’s the most hype tune I think I may have ever been a part of. Midtempo bass banger that could only be better if E-40 was rapping on it. Because Forty Water makes everything better.”

“Sadness” by Andrew Sinclair

“Amazing new local producer who I feel just honestly fell into my lap and is now signed to my label, Think 2wice. Although his latest tune on his SoundCloud may rival it, this is the cream of the crop from this kid that will be on his debut EP dropping later this summer.”

MOTA” by Flosstradamus

“Veterans in the game who have completely reinvented their sound this year. Free download from them that dropped earlier this year on Mad Decent’s subsidiary, Jeffree’s. The Trap Rave/whatever thing is kind of all the rage right now, and this tune is the best thing in this burgeoning genre I’ve heard so far.”

“Lose Yourself (Rustie Remix)” by Surkin

“Rustie had the No. 1 album on Bleep.com in 2011, and he’s already coming out of the gate swinging in 2012 with a brilliant essential mix for BBC Radio 1 and this remix that dropped last month. Just an amazing take on what’s really possible with the combination of all the exciting elements currently popping off in the more forward-thinking electronic music world.”

“Goldie” by A$AP Rocky

“I’ll be the first to admit that I hadn’t heard much of anything from this dude that had me excited, until this tune that’s apparently the first single from his official debut major-label album. Classic boom bap sample heavy beat with a slowed-down (screwed) vocal chop. And A$AP finally rapped in a way that had me believing the hype.”

“Never Ever” by inflect

“Hailing from Lincoln, Neb., and another recent signing to Think 2wice. Juked-out, multi-layered synth trap/hip-hop like nothing I’ve ever heard coming from this region. And definitely sounds like something influenced by the current West Coast future bass collectives. It honestly sounds to me like some club anthem Andre 3000 would be dying to get on.”

“You Already Know” by Kid Cedek, :DFace, B-Stee and Archi

“I was recently on tour with Kid Cedek and :DFace, and I stuck them all in a studio for an afternoon while I was in meetings. This is the result. This trap rave/kuduro/juke/whatever club anthem is the result. I’m extremely jealous I missed out on that session even though this tune may never see the light of day.”

“Heartbreaker (Nadastrom Remix)” by Steve Aoki

“The most exciting thing currently going on in moombahton is the shift, albeit slowly, to a deeper, more melodic overall party vibe and sound. This remix to me is quintessential to this shift in the genre and has epic deep house/patio vibes all over it. Plus I’m super stoked to be opening for Nadastrom on May 25 at the Granada.”

“This Isn’t Our Parade” by Santigold

“More of a ‘this-is-the-best-album-of-2012-so-far’ post, but this would be my favorite tune. At the moment anyway. It’s all just so good. Reggae/dancehall tempo with some indie rock vibes and sounds and lyrics that sound like the battle cry for an aging hipster culture. It just oozes with class and has a hook to die for.”

“Island Life” by Secret Sauce

“Starts with the new crew on the list and ends this way, as well. But yeah, first complete original tune (no remix or bootleg) we’ve really done, and it was made for a free download compilation that’s dropping on May 28 on the Walmer Convenience Blog. I didn’t really know how it would go over at first, but BBC Radio 1 airplay in prime time already has to be a good sign!”


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