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What are you listening to? (Lucas Larson)

We Are Voices

Lucas Larson of We are Voices (bottom right) shares some of his favorite tunes currently for "What You're Listening To."


Lucas Larson, who handles vocals, guitar and piano for Kansas City rock/indie band We Are Voices, offers up 10 songs that have recently captured his attention. He and the band perform tonight at Kauffman Stadium as part of Ink Magazine’s Local Music Showcase series.

“Anodyne” by Lovedrug

“Lovedrug is one of my all-time favorite bands. This song is from their latest record, ‘Wild Blood.’ It has such a great chorus.”

“Revival” by Lovedrug

“This is the track right before ‘Anodyne.’ It’s amazing as well, so I’ve definitely listened to it just as much lately.”

“All the Wine” by the National

“I have listened to this song so much over the years. Just one of my all-timers here.”

“Stood Up” by A Fine Frenzy

“My lovely wife introduced me to A Fine Frenzy a couple of years ago. Just recently I’ve been listening to this tune a bunch. Alison Sudol is an incredible singer, and her band is amazing.”

“I Might Be Wrong” by Radiohead

“Our band (members) are huge Radiohead fans, across the board. Lately, we have been working out how to play this song. That means we’ve been listening to it a lot.”

“Stuck on the Puzzle” by Alex Turner

“This song is from the soundtrack to a film called ‘Submarine.’ I haven’t seen the film yet, but I love this song.”

“Piledriver Waltz” by Arctic Monkeys

“An acoustic version of this song is also on the ‘Submarine’ soundtrack. However, I have really been enjoying the original as of late.”

“Carry Me” by the Rocketboys

“The Rocketboys are friends of ours from Austin, Texas. They are so great, and their new record, ‘Build Anyway,’ is fantastic. So far this is my favorite track.”

“King of the Rodeo” by Kings of Leon

“Another one of my all-timers. Feels so good to roll the windows down and just let this one fly. As long as it isn’t 105 degrees.”

“Pictures of Matchstick Men” by Status Quo

“This song has everything a rock ’n’ roll fan should enjoy. Incredible.”


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