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What are you listening to? Eddie Moore



Eddie Moore got started early on a career in music.

He began to play the piano at age 4 and quickly developed an affinity for it. In the years since, he has studied under saxophonists Bobby Watson and Horace A. Young, played alongside Logan Richardson and Maurice Brown, and served as a private piano instructor.

His current group, the Outer Circle, released its debut album last week.

1. Who’s the artist who influences you the most and why?

The artist who influenced me the most would be Herbie Hancock. His playing and ideas always seem to attract my ear. I guess I just like that sound.

2. What’s an album you’ve never gotten tired of listening to?

An album that never tires for me is “Mood” by Robert Glasper. It was one of the first jazz albums I bought as an adult. The playing on this record is great all over. The concepts portrayed are classic piano trio, while there are a lot of things musically on this record that are very unique.

3. What’s your favorite venue to play?

I like several venues in Kansas City. The Blue Room, the Green Lady Lounge and Take Five are on the list.

4. What’s the most recent album or artist you’ve fallen in love with?

The most recent artist I have fallen in love with is Walter Smith and his album “III” (Three). Walter’s melodies are captivating, and the rhythm section has great communication between Eric Harland and Jason Moran. The compositions are all great and interesting, as well.

5. What kind of music did your parents listen to when you were growing up? Did that have a big effect on the kind of music you eventually began listening to?

My musical influence really comes from my dad. He listened to a ton of Miles Davis and John Coltrane, as well as Frank Zappa, Prince, Cameo and Stevie Wonder. In my house we listened to plenty of music. This has definitely had an effect on what I listen to and what I like today.

6. What song or album helped you find your voice as a musician?

If there was a single album that has helped me find my voice, I would say it would be “Mood” by Robert Glasper. Every song on this album is great, and his playing is fresh, too. The compositions, as well as the group’s communication coupled with Glasper’s unique take on harmony and improvisation, make this my all-time favorite.

7. How many pianos have you owned in your life? How many do you own right now?

I have never owned a piano, not yet anyway. My family had one as kid, an upright. I currently only own a keyboard.


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