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What are you listening to? Colin Pepper Halliburton

Lead man for The Roseline

Colin Pepper Halliburton (at far right) of The Roseline.


Colin Pepper Halliburton, lead man for The Roseline, offers up 10 sons that are of particular interest to him at the moment.

“The Love You Love” by The Walkmen

“I’ve heard dorm dorks call The Walkmen ‘dad rock,’ which means two things — I’m old as dirt, and the music I make is probably considered ‘great-great-great-granddad rock.’ When the almost-scream of the chorus hits, I am most likely pumping a fist or two.”

“2 Twisted 2 Luv U” by Mean Jeans

“This seems like it’s a sequel or companion piece to a song off their first album called ‘2 Much Cocaine.’ They sound like The Ramones. They like to party. What’s not to like?”

“Lazuli” by Beach House

“When those breathy ‘ah ah ahs’ come in at the beginning, you finally understand the definition of ‘ethereal.’ ”

“Watch Your Step” by Elvis Costello

“I have a giant ‘Trust’ poster above my bed, which consists of Elvis peering over the top of his Wayfarers. It’s kind of ominous and cocky, much like this song. I might try to cover this soon.”

“Give It Away” by Andrew Bird

“It starts with this funky ghost note groove and goes into some kind of languid folk rock beauty that is vaguely political and heartbroken at once. This is my favorite album of 2012.”

“Take It Easy (Love Nothing)” by Bright Eyes from the album “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn”

“This pretty much sums up how boys in their 20s react to being broken up with. Conor Oberst is a pretty polarizing songwriter but when he’s on, he’s sooo on.”

“Cocaine” by Abner Jay

“It’s hard to pick a favorite from this record because he is so hilarious/devastating on every track. He is truly the ‘one man band.’ Mississippi Records is so consistently radical, but Abner is a true gem.

“Dancing With the Women at the Bar” by Whiskeytown

“This single song was the catalyst for The Roseline. I unashamedly aped this band’s sound so hard-core. Not like that’s a secret. It’s got such a perfect economy of words with a flawless and simple and sad narrative. For however hit-and-miss Ryan Adams is, he hit it out of the park on this one.”

“Graceland” by Paul Simon

“I basically grew up listening to my dad’s jazz and classical records. But most importantly, ‘Graceland.’ The titular track is my favorite song of all time and, for whatever reason, never, ever ages. I guess it ages gracefully, which is all I can hope for my own songs.”

“I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” by Hank Williams

“How the f—k was this a B-side?!!! Such a brave song, considering the time and Hank’s demographic. He was honestly afraid it was too pussy of a song. Quite the opposite — this song is harder than any metal song you could ever play for me.”


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