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What are you listening to? (Andrew Connor)

Vocals/guitar for Ghosty

Andrew Connor of Ghosty


Andrew Connor, who handles vocals and guitar for Lawrence-based indie-rock band Ghosty, outlines what 10 songs have captured his attention as of late.

“Ice Age” by Dr. John

“72-year-old Mac Rebennack raps menacingly about death, KKK, CIA and ‘ice’ (I think that’s meth …) over a gigantic Fela Kuti groove. It’s totally hypnotic, with an amazing analog recording produced by Dan Auerbach.”

“Submarine” by Shy Boys

“I’m a fan of beautiful music made by sensitive men. KC’s own Shy Boys refuse to hit you in the face with testosterone, choosing instead to sing quiet, restrained pop songs with reverence for the Zombies, the Association and the Beach Boys.”

“Dance for You” by Dirty Projectors

“This band rules. I’ve come to expect boundless creativity and inventiveness from them with each new release. I love it when Dave Longstreth shout-sings — ‘I boogied down gargoyle streets/Searching in every face for something I could believe’ — over the joyful skiffle-jig groove.”

“Best Friend” by Dent May

“This summer’s finest harmony-laden blissed-out pop song, overflowing with gushing love sentiments and sure to win you over with beauty. It’s kind of like listening to ‘Dancing Queen.’ ”

“Peculiar” by Twerps

“A real tear-jerker of a love song. Martin Frawley’s emotional vocal and lyrics are so direct it’s kind of jarring, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve cranked this in my car since Ghosty played with them a few months ago in Lawrence.”

“Small Town Talk” by Bobby Charles

“That’s Levon Helm on drums, which sound so fat that you might think it’s a hip-hop album for a second. Bobby Charles is the chilled-out dude in the center of it all, taking his time and reminding us to pay no mind to petty gossip.”

“Nightcall” by Kavinsky

“The movie ‘Drive’ was awesome, helped immensely by the ice-cold synth pop songs by College and Kavinsky. I was totally riveted by the opening credits when this tracks sets the tone of the film, and I guess I have a hetero crush on Ryan Gosling. …”

“New Year” by Beach House

“To me it’s the best track on their new album, ‘Bloom.’ Those stacks of synth and that detuned My Bloody Valentine guitar line create a narcotic euphoria, and the way the song builds with each new hook is masterful.”

“Believer” by John Maus

“Ghosty just started covering this. I think I’m trying to will myself into writing more life-affirming music by learning a song that gets me psyched to live.”

“Young Love” by Sun Kil Moon

“It opens with a lilting nylon-string guitar instrumental that sounds like a little recital piece and proceeds into a lovely introspective tune in the tradition of much of Mark Kozelek’s catalog since the late ’80s. The lyrics on the ‘Among the Leaves’ album seem more specific and personal than ever and give the album a voyeuristic charm.”


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