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What are you listening to? (Aaron Cheney)

Drummer for Beezlefeast

Aaron Cheney plays drums in a Kansas City metal band called Beezlefeast. They play a song called Bear Semen.


“I play drums in a local metal band called Beezlefeast,” explains Aaron Cheney. “We have a song people like called ‘Bear Semen.’ ”

The drummer recently detailed 10 songs that have currently captured his attention.

Beezlefeast performs Friday at the Uptown Theater as part of the Battle for Freaker’s Ball.

“Slither” by Opeth

“Opeth is the Beatles of death metal (not to be confused with the Eagles of death metal), but without all those pesky female fans. This track marks the culmination of one of the most dramatic genre changes since the aforementioned Fab Four. Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson co-engineered the record and helped give it a lush, warm vibe that is best experienced loud and outside on a summer night.”

“Telos” by Between the Buried and Me

“While Opeth is regressing 40 years in the best possible way, BTBAM has both eyes on the future and is pushing the metal genres forward. This track is an excellent representation of their ability to weave engaging and emotive changes into even the heaviest compositions.”

“Heathen Child” by Grinderman

“Nick Cave’s midlife noise project hits like a bong rip from the femur of a sasquatch. Heathen Child is thick and dense and raw and loud at any volume; staggering to the edge but never falling apart, this grooves me in all the right places.”

“Bad as Me” by Tom Waits

“My relationship to Tom Waits has been not unlike my relationship to bourbon: I decided it was something I was going to be into far too early, so I tried it when I was a teenager, hated it and put it away. Then I grew up a little, saw more of the world, and suddenly it made sense. This is as hard-edged and nasty as anything he’s ever put out.”

“Rylynn” by Andy McKee

“One of the greatest solo guitarists in the world is just down the road in Topeka. You’d swear there were at least two musicians playing on this (and nearly every) track. This one is deceptively simple and will stay with you long after you’ve finished listening.”

“L’Enfant Sauvage” by Gojira

“I really dig this track because it merges some of my favorite bands’ signature sounds. ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ sounds like it was written by In Flames, with Chris Adler of Lamb of God on the drums, Dino Cazares, Byron Stroud and Burton Bell of Fear Factory handling guitar, bass and vocals, respectively, produced by Devin Townsend, and all recorded on Meshuggah’s gear. Instead of sounding like a rip-off, it works really well.”

“Equinox” by Skrillex

“Drummers do not adapt well to trendy music (we’ve been beating logs with sticks for thousands of years and will probably for thousands more), and I can’t name another local rocker who has even tried to listen to dubstep. When the inevitable drop hits I get goose bumps every time. The fact that my 3-year-old calls it the ‘Waobbilee Chipmunk Song’ helps, too.”

“Rockstar” by Nickelback

“This track expresses the frustrations of unsigned talent better than I ever … no, no. I was going to write a real satirical criticism of this track, but I can’t even do that. I hate it and I know all the words. Ugh.”

“Thor’s Hammer” by Vast Aire

“Despite its very Euro-metal-sounding name, this is a one-off reunion track by former Cannibal Ox members Vast Aire and Vordul, who collaborated on 2001’s “Cold Vein.” I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop overall, but I am a huge fan of records that up the game in any arena. This track gives a taste of what could have been had they stayed together.”

“Lilith” by Chelsea Grin

“I think we need more love songs in death metal. This may be as close as we get. When the clean vocals start a couple minutes in, usually a moment of respite in metalcore, it gets truly uncomfortable. This band gets bonus points for having toured at one time with no original members.”


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