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Reigning drag king ready for Pride Week

Landon Sparks gives us a glimpse behind the drag king-in-the-making scene.

Sparks broke away for a date night with Stormee Patterson in Westport.

KC Sunshine and Landon Sparks danced to "Do It Like a Dude" by Jessie J during a recent Dirty Dorothy show at Missie B's.

The crowd is treated to up close and personal attention during Sparks' perfomances at Missie B's, 805 W. 39th St.

Landon Sparks put the final touches on his hair before heading out on stage.

Layers of tape keep curves at bay so Ryn Giraud can get into character. The tape has to be strong enough to hold for Sparks' dancing.

Dirty Dorthy from the Missie B's "Dirty Dorthy Show" chatted with Landon Sparks (Ryn Giraud) after a recent Wednesday night show.

Pride Week

Flexing the “Power of Pride” this year, Pride Week events are scheduled through the weekend across the city. Catch Landon Sparks at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Power & Light main stage and at 9:30 that night at the Uptown Arts Bar, 3611 Broadway. For a complete list of Pride Week events, visit gaypridekc.com.

Special to Ink

When Ryn Giraud first transformed to Landon Sparks, “I could suddenly be whoever I wanted.” The reigning drag king of Kansas City performs again during this year’s Pride Festival, which is Friday through Sunday in the Power & Light District.

Getting into a character is no easy feat.

“It hurt like crazy the first couple of times, but now I’m use to it,” Giraud said. Wardrobe and makeup tricks help Landon Sparks come out in full force, ready to engage the audience with dance moves.

Sparks also performs Wednesday nights at Missie B’s and Tuesdays at Mojo’s in Gladstone.


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