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Q+A: Mike Viglione

Rapper, Ces Cru


Kansas City’s Ces Cru is slated for a big year in 2013.

Having signed with Tech N9ne label Strange Music last January, the rap duo is scheduled to release a new album on March 26 and embark on a national tour as well.

Godemis, one half of Ces Cru, headlines Friday’s show at the RecordBar.

We caught up with the other half, Mike Viglione, about what’s in store for 2013.

1. You have a new album coming out soon. What aspect of it are you most excited about?

I think the most exciting part is the reach that this project is going to have. Our last album, “The Playground,” was released independently before our signing and got a local push and some Net push. Our EP “13” had international digital distribution. This album, “Constant Energy Struggles,” will get a physical/digital push on a national level. For us, that is groundbreaking.

2. I’ve heard that next year is going to be a big touring year for you. Where are you going and what are you looking forward to most about it?

Getting to see the country. We are going to hit most major cities in the states, basically all over the place. I’m really looking forward to connecting with our fan base outside of Kansas City. It’s going to be the perfect opportunity to try out all this new material that we just recorded on a live audience.

3. Is it true that a fan got your autograph tattooed on her arm?

It’s true. Both mine and Godemis, one on each forearm. She came to a show out in Lawrence back in October and asked us to sign her arms. She said she was going to get them tatted and sure enough, she meant what she said. We saw her in December at “The Gift of Rap” show, and she showed us her work. Naturally, I took some pictures and posted them. I was seriously flattered and humbled.

4. I’ve also heard you know a lot about wine. Where did your interest in wine come from?

I wouldn’t say I know a lot, but I do know some. I’ve spent over a decade in the service industry — mostly at The Melting Pot — during which I got pretty familiar. I’ve had the opportunity to try some very expensive bottles. Plenty of cheap bottles, as well.

5. What’s been the biggest difference in your life since signing with Strange Music?

Nothing is too different really, although I can tell you that I’m working more often and harder than ever. There is a larger spotlight on us now, and with that comes more pressure and opportunities. Also, my personal life has greatly diminished. I’m much busier.

6. What does the “CES” in Ces Cru stand for? I’ve heard it changes.

It originally stood for Conglomerate Elements of Self-Consciousness. Our first album was titled “Capture Enemy Soldiers,” my production company is called Commercial Entertainment Syndicate, and this upcoming album is called “Constant Energy Struggles.” We have a whole bunch more, and some we have yet to reveal.

7. As you guys have gotten bigger, I’m sure more people have recognized you. How often do you get recognized when you’re out on the town?

Quite a bit actually; it’s kinda crazy. I’ve been stopped at the post office, gas station, grocery store, movie theater. All over the place.

8. What was your favorite rap/hip-hop album of 2012?

My favorite right now is “Life is Good” by Nas, but it changes all the time. My label-mates, Mayday, put out a great record called “Take Me to Your Leader.” That’s a hard question for me.


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