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Procreate: Duct-tape lunch bag


Between celebrating my birthday and paying for it later, I designed a slick, eco-friendly lunch bag made entirely out of duct tape.

With so many bright colors and patterns of tape available, you can tote your midday meals in style.

The key to this project is learning how to make duct-tape fabric: Lay a strip of duct tape sticky side up and cut to the desired length of the fabric. Then lay another strip sticky side up on top of the first piece, overlapping the strips by 1 inch. Repeat until you achieve your desired height. Set aside. Form another sheet of overlapping strips until you exceed your desired height by an inch. Stick one sheet to the other, sticky sides in, lining them up at the bottom. Fold the extra inch of tape over the shorter piece to make a smooth edge.

infobox-hr-separator /> infobox-head>Duct-tape lunch bag
Time: An hour

Difficulty: Medium

Soundtrack: “Lisztomania” by Phoenix

Cost: $0-$10

Two rolls of duct tape (or more, depending on the number of colors)


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