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On My Mind: Timeless design, easy aesthetic from Jennifer Janesko

Kansas City artist Jennifer Janesko has a new jewelry line available at Halls.

“As an artist, I try to train my brain to keep my thoughts pure and to stay true to my design aesthetic. I have to put on blinders to stay true to what I love and believe.”

Jennifer Janesko, Kansas City

Artist/Jewelry Designer

Jennifer Janesko believes that jewelry tells you more about a person than his or her jeans. Janesko is an artist and jewelry designer who looks at your neck, earlobes, wrists and fingers when sizing you up. Her design aesthetic promises to be effortless and minimal, while still engaging and authentic. She designs gold and silver jewelry with a streamlined, timeless look. A trunk show at Halls on Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. will display her latest works. For more information, visit janesko.com.

Special to Ink

On why jewelry is your IT factor: “Accessories are your own personal taste. They are the things that you put together. It’s not like buying an outfit on a mannequin from the store.”

On her new line: “There are really three stories that all represent me. There’s rock n’ roll, which is the Corset collection. There’s a more organic style called the Atomic collection, and there’s the 435 collection that is lighter weight and great for layering.”

On ageless designs: “You won’t have the same pair of pants that you bought when you were 25, but you might have the same necklace. I design so a 66-year-old retired mom can wear the same jewelry as a college girl.”

On breaking your rut: “Women get stuck in a jewelry mindset like ‘I don’t do rings’ or ‘I only wear studs,’ and as a jewelry designer, I have to break that mindset and show them that fashion is fun.”

On 24-hour trinkets: “I basically design jewelry for how I live. If I’m running to a boutique or to the market, I usually wear a small pair of hoops or studs and always a necklace.”

On why some things are better after dark: “You always want a transformation at night. Save your big, fun earrings for going out instead of the grocery.”

On baubles as conversation starters: “There’s always a story associated with jewelry, whether it was a gift from an old boyfriend or something special you bought yourself.”


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