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Paul Damon of Boys Hope Girls Hope

“It’s being able to provide for kids that otherwise might not have that opportunity, and then down the line you see a ‘ripple in the pond’ effect, where they’re bettering our society as men.”


Lockton Companies account executive and president of the Junior Board for Boys Hope Girls Hope Kansas City

Paul Damon is one of the driving forces behind what is touted as Kansas City’s biggest trivia night. The annual event will draw around 400 participants at 7 p.m. this Friday at Rockhurst High School.

Boys Hope Girls Hope is a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 that places at-risk youth in homes that nurture their abilities and give them an opportunity to succeed.

What: KC Trivia Night

Who: Boys Hope Girls Hope Kansas City

When/where: Friday, Rockhurst High School

Cost: $35 per person, $280 for a table of eight (price includes Minsky’s Pizza and Anheuser-Busch beer)

Info: kctrivianight.com

Special to Ink

Boys Hope Girls Hope: “It’s an organization whose main goal is to provide a nurturing environment for academically capable young women and men. We want to help them achieve the goal of graduating from college. We have a home in KC that provides 24/7 care-taking of these boys. We handle their schooling, shelter, tutoring, mentoring. We give them a home life that’s more conducive to helping them pursue their growth as people.”

On the merits: “A program like this changes someone’s life at a foundational level. It’s more than an after-school program. The real dollars that it costs … it’s expensive. But it’s worth it.”

Getting involved: “I started tutoring three years ago. I was tutoring math one night a week and started developing a strong connection with the boys in the house. I wanted to figure out how I could help the organization out more than I was, so I joined the board.”

On board: “No. 1 is fundraising. Second is to promote awareness and third, we establish relationships with the boys. Most of the Junior Board members are volunteers who are younger. You figure we might have a closer connection to the boys being closer in age.”

The big night: “It’s a good change-of-pace event in Kansas City. It’s easily the biggest trivia night in town, and our group does a good job of making the questions fun and interactive. It promotes a good team atmosphere, and it’s a good event for young singles and young couples to attend. For a group of friends, it’s a once-a-year event that no one can beat.”

School ties: “(BHGH) started from a Jesuit base, and Rockhurst has been a huge sponsor of Boys Hope since we started in KC. The school has provided tuition to our boys. They were generous enough to donate the school gym (for the event).”


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