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On my Mind: Beth Guinta sews fashion for fans

Beth Guinta makes dresses, including new Chiefs ones for football season.

“I try to personalize every outfit … everyone is different.”

Beth Guinta, 28, Kansas City

Clothing designer

If you run into Beth Guinta on game day, there’s no doubt which team she cheers for. But ask her anything else about the Chiefs, and you’ll get a blank stare. Her fandom extends only to her hemline, Guinta admits.

“I like the Chiefs, but it’s really about the dresses,” says Guinta, a self-taught seamstress who created her first custom fan wear for a friend at the age of 13. “I haven’t even been to a game yet this season.”

Guinta’s creations can be found on Twitter @bethdressed or on Etsy.com in her new shop, Beth Dressed. Her dresses and outfits can be customized and include fall styles such as a fitted peplum jacket and a three-quarter sleeve coatdress.

Special to Ink

“A super-fan can be outfitted in style. You don’t have to wear sweatpants with ‘Chiefs’ written on the side.”

“Even though I’m a Chiefs fan, I will make an outfit for someone else’s team.”

“When I wear one of my dresses out, I get a lot of comments and attention. I get a lot of people who yell ‘Chiefs!’ too.”

“I taught myself to sew. My mom showed me how to use the machine, and I tore up a pair of curtains from the thrift store to get started.”

“I’ve worked for local boutiques such as Tomboy Design Studio where I really learned how to make clothes.”

“Sewing is my full-time hobby, and this is my passion project. I like to take it day by day.”

“My real inspiration is my customer. I try to personalize every outfit because they are the main priority, and everyone is different. Everyone has a different idea of what they want their dress to do.”

“My favorite fan dress is always the most current.”

“I try to make outfits that make women feel comfortable and confident with their bodies. I want them to step out in their dresses and feel good.”

“Wearing one of my dresses is a better choice on game day because it’s just fun and different. You’ll stand out.”

“Right now, I have about eight regular customers who order one custom dress per month.”

“The whole point of the outfit is the fit. I take measurements all the time.”


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