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Office Space: TIM ANDERSON, 35

Shaving consultant at The Art of Shaving store on the Country Club Plaza is a facial hair expert.

Tim Anderson, The Art Of Shaving

Typical day on the job

5:30 a.m.

Wake up and work out to stay in mountain bike shape.

9 a.m.

Trek from Independence to Kansas City with his wife, his daily carpool companion who also works on the Plaza.

9:30 a.m.

Check emails, stock store, review promos and product updates.

10 a.m.

Doors open.

10 a.m.-noon

Work with customers and perform product demos.


Lunch with wife at Plaza favorite, Blanc Burger, for a classic burger and sweet potato fries.

1-5 p.m.

Review sales, help customers and stock shelves.

5:30 p.m.

Drive home for a walk with the corgis or hit a mountain bike trail.

Special to Ink

Hairy aspirations

Anderson has always wanted to be a white-haired barber in his second stage of life. When his wife heard about an opening at The Art of Shaving, she made him apply. Hair is hair, thought Anderson. “It really ties into that whole barber career thing.”

Back to the beach

The new Ocean Kelp series of products is Anderson’s favorite. During the dog days in KC, the scent transports him to a lounge chair in Mexico. “It’s great when you’re in the middle of the country, but you actually feel like you’re at the beach.”


“The perfect shave takes four elements,” Anderson says. First, he recommends prepping the skin with a pre-shave oil; then lather up with a natural, creamy concoction applied with a brush made of badger hair. Next, for a smooth shave, use a razor that makes you feel the most comfortable. Follow it with a moisturizer to repair the skin.

Share a shear

“Women are some of my best customers,” says Anderson, who often helps wives and girlfriends find gifts for a special someone. Lately, the ladies have been shopping for graduation and Father’s Day.

The new Don Draper

Men are increasingly more open to using a badger brush than they used to be. “I think, in the past 10 years, people were taught to shave conveniently versus the right way.” He’s recently met 20- and 30-somethings abuzz about shaving with a straight razor.

Product envy

The natural products made a noticeable difference on Anderson’s face (his wife picked up on it, too). “She actually started using one of the products on her legs,” he says.

Hair hype

Break out of your comfort zone, suggests Anderson, who demos products and shaving techniques almost daily. “Every guy has a way of shaving, since it’s something they do every day, but they may not know how to do it differently and better.” He hopes his secrets will help customers get rid of razor burn for good.


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