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Office Space: Josh Davis, roofing company co-owner

Office Space, Josh Davis

A typical day

7 a.m.

Wake up and check emails

8 a.m.

Go to a job site and catch up with the crew and check with the homeowner

11:30 a.m.

Lunch at the site

1-3 p.m.

Plan projects, check supplies and make business-related phone calls

3-8 p.m.

Meet with engineers, insurance adjustors and property owners; pick up necessary materials

8 p.m.

Dinner with employees

Special to Ink

Unexpected inspiration

Davis always knew he wanted to work in construction, but it wasn’t until he was patching up Hurricane Katrina-tattered roofs in New Orleans that he realized the roofing business was his passion.

“We were re-roofing St. Charles Avenue with very little training, and it was a lot of hard work,” he said. “It was kind of like the Wild West. But I learned so much so quickly.”

A family business

After helping out the hurricane victims, Davis and his two brothers started a roofing business. It wasn’t until two years ago that Davis and his older brother, Bo Hamby, ventured on their own to create Think Contracting, which specializes in insurance restoration services.

The book club

To help motivate their 17 employees, Davis and his brother host a company book club. They focus on self-improvement, leadership and business-related books.

Supporting the future

Every First Friday, the company turns its Crossroads headquarters into an art gallery. Proceeds are used to create scholarships for middle-school students involved with the Knowledge Is Power Program.

So far, Think Contracting has awarded three scholarships to Kansas City area eighth-graders.

Technologically savvy

Social media is an important part of Davis’ business. He gets his news from Twitter every morning. He uses Google+ and Facebook to attract clients.

“Our company is so much more than roofing — that’s just the end product,” Davis said. “It’s also about community.”

In five years

Without hesitation, Davis said he already envisions his company opening eight offices around the country by 2017. He’s already on his way. Think Contracting opened its St. Louis office a few months ago, and there are already talks to open another office in a currently undisclosed location six months from now.

Business advice

“Find something you’re passionate about and you care about and you’re excited about and put everything you have into it,” Davis said. “Make sacrifices and make changes. Never give up.”


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