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Office space: Jeremy Collins, 33


Who he is:

Artist, rock climber and owner of ThreeHouse, a company that creates animation, illustration and short films.

How long he’s done it:

He co-founded ThreeHouse with animators Kevin and Kristen Howdeshell three years ago.

Sports, illustrated:

Collins specializes in artwork for the rock-climbing community. He designs T-shirts for Patagonia, climbing shoes for Evolve and artwork for Rock and Ice Magazine. Collins said he discovered art as a kid.

“I kind of just didn’t stop,” he said. “I knew it was what I was supposed to be doing.”

Inside ThreeHouse:

Collins’ west Kansas City office space doubles as an art gallery, a rock-climbing practice space and a coffee roaster (Oddly Correct Coffee rents a corner and roasts beans in-house). Collins’ studio is in the back. There’s a barrier blocking his view of the climbing wall so he can avoid distractions.

Rock star:

Check out his new short film, “Border Country,” which combines video with Collins’ animated illustrations, at patagonia.com. The poignant film documents a precarious climbing trip Collins took through California’s Yosemite Valley after losing a close friend.


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