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Office Space: Grant Trahant, fashion designer of Rivers 2 Ocean

Grant Trahant (aka Grant Wish), 28, is an entertainer and poetry enthusiast from the Big Easy who has added fashion designer to his Midwest persona.

Typical day on the job

7 a.m.

Wake up, check email and trek to work at a brokerage company in Overland Park

9a.m.-4:30 p.m.

WORK. Check email throughout the day, and check in with local manufacturer as needed. Make calls to Method Boutique about anything new, and call a fashion friend in New Orleans for sage advice.

5 p.m.

Meet with manufacturer to review patterns, examine textiles and price designs.

7 p.m.-wee hours

Write lyrics or poetry as the inspiration hits and as a sleep aid. Listen to music, review pictures for an album, edit logos/labels, etc.

Special to Ink

Mama’s boy

Trahant credits his mom for his love of fashion. “She worked at Saks in New Orleans for almost 30 years.” The fashion groupie remembers going to the store to visit her while daydreaming about designer labels.

Edgy classics

The label of Trahant’s line reads “classic + modern + creative.” “I love old traditional polos and button-ups, but they can be a stalemate in your closet. I want to put a new generational twist on classic clothing,” he says. His latest collection includes a polo-esque shirt with a gingham collar.

Artists’ challenge

Trahant wants all of his words to mean something. His favorite ones are tattooed all over as a visual reminder. He has also published them on two albums. He wants other artists to take note. “I challenge other artists to speak about other things than drinking, women and cars,” he says. “People should use music as a goal to reach people.”

In a name

“I came up with the name for my Rivers 2 Ocean line from a world religion class that I took in school,” Trahant admits. “The river symbolizes us as people, and the ocean is our goal or destiny.” He hopes his collection will evolve into greater things, because his ultimate goal is to give back to the community.

Fall outlook

Trahant wouldn’t give too much away, but he says that “traditional ties with a twist” should be coming soon from Rivers 2 Ocean, and possibly a cardigan.

Made in KC

All of the items in Trahant’s line are made in Kansas City. He hopes producing goods locally is good for the economy and for bringing folks together for a worthy purpose.

School stats

For fashion advice, Trahant relies on a female friend who attended fashion school. He also counts on his family and, most important, his mom. He plans to graduate from Park University soon with a degree in political science and international studies. “I hope it gives me an idea of how the world works.”


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