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Chiffon dresses are in style for bridesmaids

Brides like the ethereal, super soft look.

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Style it: No Spanx needed with silk chiffon, Suarez said. Opt for nude, seamless undies instead.

Special to The Star

Bridesmaids and other wedding attendants deserve an easy-to-wear ensemble for the big day. Lucky for them, silk chiffon is a wedding staple this year.

Grecian-inspired bridesmaid gowns that gracefully flow from ceremony to reception can bring out the inner goddess in everyone, said Danielle Suarez, co-owner of Bella Bridesmaid in Kansas City.

“Brides love romantic, ethereal and super soft looks,” she said. “Long chiffon is all the rage right now.”

All chiffon isn’t the same. Silk crinkle chiffon and flat silk chiffon are at the top of the trend list. Yet, Suarez said that synthetic chiffon is budget-friendly and looks surprisingly similar to the real thing.

Patterned chiffon and two-toned chiffon bridesmaid dresses are fun options for more outside-the-box brides, she said.


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