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My Likes

The Farmhouse; Penn Valley dog park; Kansas City Museum

Special to The Star

Jennifer Pace

From: Kansas City

Age : 29

Occupation : Lab manager at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Favorite restaurant : The Farmhouse in the River Market is a great place to have lunch with friends or enjoy a glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon. The menu is constantly rotating, and they have very creative dishes that are made out of local and organic produce. It’s modern, fresh and delicious. A lot of people think the Farmhouse is fancy, but that’s a misunderstanding because it’s actually very laid-back.

Lingerie boutique: “I love Birdies because the staff is appreciative of all body types. They have brands you cannot find anywhere else. Plus, there is such variety. You can find anything from avant-garde Scandinavian designs to frilly French styles. There is a beautiful crystal chandelier in the middle of the store and a bird in a cage. It’s very pretty. I actually had my sister’s bachelorette party there a couple of years ago, and we all drank Champagne and tried on lingerie. It was fun.

Museum: The Kansas City Museum is undergoing renovation and all of the collections are gone, but it is still a really interesting place to visit. The museum has Hard Hat Happy Hour, where you can get a tour of the mansion under construction and have drinks. On weekends, they have more in-depth tours, showing the bones of the place and explaining its history. There are so many quirky things about the house, such as a bowling alley in the basement and a spinning garage. You don’t need the exhibits to realize it’s still a pretty cool landmark.

Dog park: I just got a new springer spaniel-border collie mix, named Barley, and I love taking him to the Penn Valley dog park by Liberty Memorial. It’s where I used to take my parents’ dog. There are lots of friendly people and friendly dogs at that park. There is a ton of space for the dogs to play and very good parking. It’s just a great place to take dogs to socialize.

Yoga center: I’ve been going to Maya Yoga in the Crossroads for the past few months, because I really needed a physical exercise to do over a lifetime. I needed something good for my body that would also let me clear my mind. At Maya, the instructors are excellent, and the classes are challenging. It has a very welcoming environment in which to get very sweaty. It is also very friendly toward people who are new to yoga. Even if the room is packed, the instructors will still come up to you and give you individual help.

Jennifer Bhargava, Special to The Star


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