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My Likes: Nicole Ortega


Nicole Ortega

Lives in: Kansas City

Age: 34

Occupation: Owner of Clothz Minded, a fashion boutique in Westport

Favorite restaurant: “Cancun Fiesta Fresh is a little hole-in-the-wall place where it’s more about the food than the decoration. The food is delicious and authentic. The service is fast, which is great. My favorite thing to get there is the carnitas street tacos.”

Favorite hair salon: “I have very curly hair, which not a lot of stylists can manage. So, I’ve been really impressed with Hair, in Westport, because the stylists there know how to work with curly hair. The girls who work there are really friendly, and they care about what you want. It’s a very clean, upbeat place.”

Favorite dance club: “My husband and I like to go salsa dancing at Retro on Thursday nights. It’s located in a lofty historic space downtown, and it has an intimate atmosphere. When we go, it’s never over-crowded or empty. You can take dance lessons there. It’s a perfect place for a date night.”

Favorite play place: “My family and I really enjoy going to Dave & Busters out in Legends. It’s a place where I can be a kid again and also have a good time with my two boys.”

Favorite ice cream parlor: “I love Murray’s ice cream. It’s a cute little shop where they have original flavors, and they are always changing them. My favorite is the Grapenuts ice cream.”

Jennifer Bhargava, Special to The Star


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