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My Likes: Jobin Thomas


Jobin Thomas

City : Overland Park

Age : 28

Occupation : Network systems administrator for Ericsson

Favorite restaurant : I like to go to 810 Zone on 119th and Roe. It’s a sports bar that has really great food. I usually go with friends to watch football or just hang out. On Wednesdays, they have $1.50 beers all day long. So, after work, I’ll meet up with people there, and we’ll only end up with a $10 bill afterward.

Indian grocery store : I’m from Kerala, in India, and TT Asian Groceries on 119th and 69 Highway carries a lot of food from there, such as fish curry and mango pickles. It’s very much like having a taste of home right in Overland Park. It’s also a great place to find Indian movies. They have a large selection.

Soccer venue : Stoll Park, on 119th and Quivira, is my favorite place to play soccer, no matter what time of year. There is always a good mix of people there, from lots of different countries. You’ll even see people playing there in the snow. It’s just a fun place. I go whenever I can.

Volunteer organization : I’ve been volunteering for Catholic Charities for a while now and love it. One of my favorite volunteer jobs with them is delivering and serving meals at Shalom House, which is a homeless shelter for men. Catholic Charities offers a lot of volunteer opportunities though, for any type of person. They do a lot of good for the community, which I admire.


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