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My Kansas City: Shannon Sellens, pro bowler

Bowler Shannon Sellens shares her Kansas City. Kona in the Plaza is a favorite bar.

Special to Ink

Shannon Sellens, 29, is a self-proclaimed “girly-girl” who likes to surprise people with her side gig: professional bowling. She knows all the best alleys in town, but when the lanes are quiet, her favorite thing to knock down is a fruity cocktail with a side of excellent service. You can also find her in customer service at Hi5 Furniture and tending bar or serving at Woodside Health & Tennis Club.

Oak Room at the InterContinental

401 Ward Parkway

“It’s like childhood mixed with being an adult,” Sellens says of her favorite Oak Room cocktail: the Chocolate Martini. Shhhh … Sellens reluctantly shared that the Oak Room patio overlooking the Plaza is one of her favorite spots in KC for a serene sip and outstanding service.

Kona Grill

444 Ward Parkway

Kool-Aid is on Sellens’ mind after a sip of the “ridiculous” 76-calorie Cos(Medic) Martini at Kona Grill. Not a fan of seafood, Sellens sticks to the cocktail menu when she goes there with friends. The relaxed atmosphere makes Kona one of her top picks for a night out.

McFadden’s Sports Saloon

1330 Grand Blvd.

Sellens is buddy-buddy with bartender Brendan, who serves her favorite cocktail, the Grape Press, in her preferred Power & Light hangout. She likes the vodka, of course, but Brendan really strikes gold with Sellens when he stops mid-pour to ask about her latest scores.

Houston’s Restaurant

4640 Wornall Road

Sellens says Houston’s feels like home. Bartenders Chris and Danielle are most amazing and consistent when it comes to concocting her favorite drink: the Cosmo. And it helps that they know Sellens prefers her spinach dip “extra white.”### The Quaff Bar & Grill 1010 Broadway

“I love vodka, vodka, vodka,” says Sellens, who doesn’t often have time to drink enough of the stuff. When she does, she heads to the unpretentious Quaff for a sweet mix of strawberry vodka and pineapple juice. She plans to celebrate there immediately after her trip to Reno in two weeks for the 2012 Bowling U.S. Women’s Open.


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