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My Kansas City: KCUR’s Maria Carter

KCUR's Maria Carter.

El Camino Real

903 N. Seventh St. Trafficway in Kansas City, Kan.

Carter’s fond of the great tacos she can find in hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants around town. Her favorite, though, is El Camino Real, because it’s by her house and she can get a mean taco al pastor.

Info: 913.342.4333

The Sense of Excitement

With the buzz surrounding Trader Joe’s stores opening in Kansas City and the announcement that an Ikea store is coming to the area, Carter says “it doesn’t take a lot to get Kansas Citians excited.” She bets that even if the Royals were at .500 one year, there would still be a swelling sense of excitement in the city.

Pinky Couture

7325 W. 80th St. in Overland Park

The boutique salon in Overland Park is Carter’s favorite place to have her hair done because of how fun the stylists are. Not only do they do the hair of many of Carter’s roller derby friends, but she says they also do hair for women in pageants. “They can give anything from a rock ’n’ roll look to a glamorous look,” Carter says.

Info: PinkieCouture.com, 913.766.7465

Bon Ami

When Carter moved into her house, she discovered the cleaning brand under her sink and assumed it had been left there for years because of its retro look. She didn’t find out the product was still being sold until she stumbled upon it in a store. Turns out Bon Ami is based in Kansas City. Carter says it’s her favorite cleaning supply because “It does a good job, and it has … this tiny little chick on all its products, and it’s cute.”

Info: BonAmi.com

The Teahouse & Coffeepot

4309 Jefferson St.

People are constantly surprised, Carter says, that she doesn’t like coffee, even with her morning shifts at KCUR. Instead, she’s a tea person, and she especially likes this Westport shop’s selection. Often, though, the varieties end up just sitting in her cupboard because Carter is pretty staid in her tea choices. She usually prefers an English breakfast tea.

Info: TeahouseKC.com, 816.756.2868


With a 4 a.m. start to her days, Maria Carter has to get a nap in after delivering the morning news on KCUR 89.3 FM to be fresh for her evening activity.

A member of the Kansas City Roller Warriors league, Carter splits her time speaking to Kansas City public radio listeners and donning roller skates to participate in the contact sport on wheels.

Born in Overland Park, Carter grew up in the Ozarks before attending college in Portland. After “working a crappy job for a year,” she returned to Missouri to pursue a masters degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Now she is the voice that Kansas City listeners hear on their drives to work.

Here are the things she loves about Kansas City when she’s off the air.

Ted Hart, Ink


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