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My Kansas City: Filmmaker Terence Berger

Terence Berger is a comedian and movie theater enthusiast.


4050 Pennsylvania Ave.

This Westport theater — which mainly showcases independent and foreign films — dazzles Berger every time he steps through the door. The old-school décor reminds him of the theaters he used to go to as a child.

“There are no big, flashy movie posters overwhelming you, and it’s very intimate,” Berger said. “I wish more people appreciated it.”

Screenland Crossroads

1656 Washington St.

With vintage movie posters and antique film equipment on display, Berger said going to this downtown theater is like traveling back into the golden era of Hollywood.

Not only does it showcase quirky, independent movies, but it screens local work, which Berger says is incredibly important for the filmmaking community in Kansas City.

AMC Town Center 20

11701 Nall Ave., Leawood

If Berger wants to see midnight screenings of big Hollywood blockbusters, he ventures into Leawood with his friends and family to this movie multiplex.

“Everything — the screen, the speakers — is big,” he said. “The buzz and anticipation from the crowd is electric. Every time I go there, I have to get popcorn because that just adds to the experience.”

Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet

1400 Main St.

This movie house, formerly AMC Mainstreet, used to be one of Berger’s go-to joints in Kansas City. Now he’s eagerly anticipating the makeover from Alamo Drafthouse. The Austin-based company is promising a new food and bar menu, plus full food service at all screens.

“As long as they keep it cool, I’ll keep going,” Berger said.

AMC Studio 30

12075 S. Strang Line Road, Olathe

When he’s wining and dining the ladies, Berger likes to take them to the Fork & Screen showings, which offer food and beverages via waiters. His favorite menu items include the chicken fingers or sandwiches.

The Olathe theater has MacGuffins Bar and Lounge, which offers movie patrons — 21 and older — the chance to relax with a cocktail before or after a show.


Comedian Terence Berger’s favorite pastime is filming humorous sketches, which feature him decked out as Goldilocks or poke fun at his childhood memories. The Kansas City native must be doing something right, because he recently received the Robert Altman Education Grant for emerging filmmakers.

“My number one passion is to make people laugh,” he said. “Right now, I’m building up my brand by making sketches, but hopefully one day, people will be going to theaters to see my movies on the big screen.”

We caught up with Berger to find out exactly what Kansas City theaters he wouldn’t mind showcasing his future comedy blockbusters.


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