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My Essentials: Aram Demirjian, the Kansas City Symphony’s new assistant conductor

The Kansas City Symphony's new assistant director, Aram Demirjian.

His essentials

Pets: “I’ve actually never had a pet before. My girlfriend is trying her hardest to make me a dog person. We’ll see how that goes.”

Essential person: “My parents, my sister, Karoun, my girlfriend, Caraline, and my boys. They’ll know what I mean.”

Favorite conductor: Leonard Bernstein

Utensils: Colored pencils and rulers

Drink: Johnny Walker Black on the rocks

Snack: Chips Ahoy

Food: Hamburgers

Sports team: New England Patriots

Actor: Matt Damon

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Magazine: The New Yorker

Movie: “Good Will Hunting”

TV show: “The West Wing”

Brand of clothes: H&M

Way to exercise: “Conducting is a very good aerobic workout.”

Rock band: Aerosmith

Phone or texting: Phone

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

Place to vacation: New York City

special to ink

Aram Demirjian hopes to make beautiful music in Kansas City this year.

That, and devour some delicious barbecue.

The Boston native is moving here in late August because he was recently selected as the new assistant conductor for the Kansas City Symphony.

Demirjian, who is of Armenian descent, said he is looking forward to becoming a Midwesterner.

I was born and raised in the tradition of Boston sports, so it’s going to be weird not having Fenway Park down the street from me anymore,” he said. “But I think I can make Kauffman Stadium my home.”

The 25-year-old spent a few days here earlier this year during his interview with the Symphony. While he was busy vying for the job, he still managed to find a few hours to check out the City of Fountains.

Looking at the architecture and how things were laid out, Kansas City immediately struck me as a very colorful city,” Demirjian said. “There is a strong sense of artistic value and aesthetics there. I loved the atmosphere.”

Despite his excitement about the move, he admits he is going to miss his hometown a lot. After all, he first fell in love with music in Boston.

Demirjian grew up in a musical family and began to play the cello when he was 8. In high school, he became interested in orchestras.

It’s such a phenomenon to me — 100 people playing a different part but creating such a strong, finished product together,” he said. “While I was playing, I was always curious as to what was going on in the other sections.”

He attended Harvard to pursue a career in government, but his passion for music outweighed his love for politics.

Conducting is not just what I love the most, but it is where I have the most to offer the world,” Demirjian said. “There is no greater source of energy than when two or more musicians perform a piece together. I relish being able to make that connection to an audience.”

After Harvard, he created an impressive resume filled conducting gigs, prestigious awards and a graduate degree from the New England Conservatory.

I’m still not done becoming a conductor yet because it is a never-ending learning process,” he said. “Kansas City is just the next step for me. It’s a huge milestone for me, actually.”


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