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Local music review: Antennas Up, ‘The Awkward Phase’

Album art for Antennas Up EP "December"

Antennas Up, 2011.

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“The Awkward Phase” will be available April 27 at a Riot Room CD release show (before the May 15 release date).


Antennas Up


Whether they’re creating funky, groovy beats, infectious driving pop or atmospheric noises, Antennas Up takes a fresh approach to every song. Releasing a three-song EP in anticipation of its full-length album, “The Awkward Phase,” Antennas Up shows a musical range unlike other local bands.

The album will be the band’s first since its 2009 self-titled debut, and “December” is the album’s first single. The group has undergone some personnel and stylistic changes but has managed to find a niche that’s radio-friendly and musically engaging.

The “December” EP kicks off with that single, a dancetastic track chock-full of cheerful handclaps and a syncopated beat. With bright vocals, swirling guitars and a subtle electro-beat foundation, the song sets an energetic, anthemic tone for what promises to be a fun album.

“Farthest Star” contrasts the previous track, showing the band’s depth. Unlike the upbeat Phoenix-like feel of “December,” this song takes a more mellow, post-rock Radiohead-like approach. It begins with a Wizard of Oz-esque orchestral mood and transitions into an ethereal modern ballad, with sweeping keys and harp strings.

The EP closes with a Stephen Hawking-like parody of Rebecca Black’s cringe-worthy tune “Friday.” Where the first two tracks present a band that has musical clout and ability to reach a wide audience, the last shows a band that isn’t afraid to make fun of itself. “December” gives something for Antennas Up fans to be excited about, and shows the character of a group that isn’t afraid to take risks.

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