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Kiss & Tell: Partner deserves to know about STD

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Q. Dear Kiss & Tell: I recently was diagnosed with an STD that I can live with. Soon after, I started dating a new guy who I really like. Things seem like they could get serious, but I haven’t told him about my diagnosis. I’m scared that doing so may change things. How should I go about telling him?

A. Damon says: Just tell him. Not in some matter-of-fact, deal-with-it manner. But you need to let him know before things get serious and before you two get too physical (I hope you haven’t already).

Any person you date or sleep with has a right to know if you have a sexually transmitted disease. He has a right to decide whether he wants to engage in a sexual relationship where he might be exposed to an STD that he might have to live with for the rest of his life.

So you need to tell him — and anyone else you might get serious with from here on out.

It doesn’t mean your dating life is over or that you’ll never find someone to settle down with. I’ve had friends in these situations. Some have stuck it out and are now married. Others have bolted because they couldn’t deal.

How your scenario will play out is anyone’s guess, but putting it on the table now will be a whole lot better than facing questions from your guy later about whether you gave him some disease.

You may or may not care for his decision, but he deserves to decide.

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