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Joel Hines

What are you listening to?

Lead vocals and guitar, Back of a Black Car

Joel Hines of In Back of a Black Car play the Retro Red-Eye Express Local Showcase to Benefit KKFI Community Radio 90.1FM at the recordBar on September 4, 2012.


Joel Hines, who handles vocals and guitar for the new band In the Back of a Black Car, sat down to outline 10 songs that have captured his attention.

“Would That not Be Nice” by Divine Fits

“Infectious. A nice reminder that if you have a strong bass line, there’s no need to overthink everything else. Warning: It will get stuck in your head for days.”

“Clarity” by Kids and Chemicals

“Had the pleasure of opening up for this brother/sister duo in Springfield, Mo. (their hometown). I’ve become a big fan. As with all their songs, ‘Clarity’ is sexy, super-catchy and has a great dance vibe.”

“Coffee Blues” by Mississippi John Hurt

“It’s morning, I need coffee and my ear palate needs cleansing. This hits the spot perfectly. It also reminds me that old guys in the ’60s were way cooler than I am.”

“Plague” by Crystal Castles

“Don’t fight it. Just close your eyes and let whatever needs to happen, happen.”

“Love Like Blood” by Killing Joke

“If this song doesn’t make you wish you were a vampire from the ’80s, I don’t know what will.”

“Circles” by Digitalism

“Europeans like to dance. So do I.”

“Tell Me What you Want” by Human Television

“A one-line melody, simple beat, catchy guitar riff, wrapped up in a two-and-a-half minute package. Perfect. Another great example of knowing when not to overthink the songwriting process.”

“Nightcall” by Kavinsky

“I pretty much dig anything that would sound appropriate playing over the credits to a PG-13 movie from the ’80s. This is no exception.”

“On Alarms! (Stay Awake)” by Now Now Sleepyhead

“Awesome Kansas City band. This track is currently in my playlist, and I find it to be indicative of all their songs: catchy, smart and fun.”

“The Same Deep Water as You” by The Cure

“This song just has such a nice, free-flowing groove. The Cure will always be my go-to band for getting me in a creative mood.”


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