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Got ’Em: Releford gets the ball rolling

Kansas Jayhawks guard Travis Releford.

CBE Hall of Fame Classic

Monday, November 19: Texas A&M vs. Saint Louis Kansas vs. Washington State

Tuesday, November 20:Third-place game Championship game

Tickets run $17 to $252 at SprintCenter.com.

Special to Ink

Travis Releford, senior guard for the Kansas Jayhawks, is the only KC-born player on KU’s roster. He’s known for his lockdown defense and as the elder statesman of the team. Since a mid-summer trip to Europe with his team, the fifth-year senior has increased his notoriety and become a Twitter sensation locally.

On the trip, Releford started to post photos of himself posing next to anyone he could find dozing off in public to his more than 14,000 followers at T_2releFOUR. He tagged the pics “GotEm.” It’s like the new planking in Lawrence, as Releford says he gets at least five or six pictures sent to him every day of others posing with sleeping people.

Ink: How did it start?

Releford: “We were over in Paris, and a guy was sleeping in the hallway by the elevator on the couch. And I was up roaming, getting some water at the vending machine, and I saw him sleeping, and I was like, ‘I’ve got to take a picture with him,’ because he had his hand over his heart, and he looked like he was doing the Pledge of Allegiance.

I took a picture with him and named it ‘GotEm.’ And after that, I got a few more, and people started liking them and asking me to do more, and it went from there.”

Ink: What’s your best “GotEm” moment?

Releford: “When I was in Alabama visiting my brother, a lady was supposed to be guarding the parking lot, and she was asleep and she was knocked out behind a tree in the shade. It was midday, game day busy, and a lot of people yelling. She was just zonked out by the tree. And everybody was parking wherever because she was asleep. I thought, ‘I have to get this one.’”

Ink: What’s the best place and time to “GetEm”?

Releford: “On the weekends. That’s when most people go out. A lot of people are passed out, lying on the streets and not able to make it home.”


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