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Fashion fix: How to make shoes more comfortable

Shoe products sold at Target.

Shoes sold at Target.

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Stylish shoes may need some tweaking to eliminate discomfort.

Even though a shoe is flat, it unfortunately doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. The biggest downfall of flats are the lack of support, which can lead to arch and heel pain.

High heels put tremendous pressure on the ball of the foot and can cause painful pinched nerves. Here are some tips to alleviate some of the most common complaints:

Blisters: Try Body Glide on blister-prone areas. The anti-chafing balm is sold at sporting good stores and was designed for athletes, but works wonders with any shoes.

Pain on the ball of the foot: Soft gel pads help absorb the shock of pavement and cushion sore feet. Look for small inserts that won’t make shoes too tight.

Arch pain: Really flat shoes may need arch supports. Thin supports that run from toe to heel are most comfortable.

When shopping for your next pair of shoes, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Flats with a little heel offer some natural curve for arches.

  • A round toe will ease pressure on the toe box.

  • Wedge heels distribute weight more evenly, eliminating pain on the ball of the foot.

  • Natural materials like canvas, leather and suede have more give and are less likely to cause blisters.

  • Shop for heels that are in line with your heel to help keep your balance.


  1. 3 years ago

    Band-Aid Blister bandages. ESSENTIAL. Saved my life numerous times while pounding the pavement at Fashion Week in heels. Wear them on the heel of your foot before irritation sets in.

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