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Fashion Fix: Bold color, cut and pattern

Special to Ink

Strong prints, bold colors and striking silhouettes show no sign of backing down for fall. The 1980s geometric shapes and neon hues are here to stay … at least until next season.

No need to shy away: These seemingly daunting trends are quite wearable if you follow some simple guidelines. Pick a print that you love — chances are it will look good on you. We naturally gravitate toward colors that flatter us. Next, accessorize with one or two colors.

On this Mondrian-inspired dress ($50), I focused on orange — a delicate gold necklace with small orange stones ($15). Not only does the necklace add a finished touch, it balances the one-shoulder neckline by softening the angle. At the wrist I added dainty gold, pink and crystal bracelets ($22 for a set of 9).

Neutral footwear is always a safe bet, so I opted for nude platform pumps ($40). Handbags need not match shoes, and in this case the electric blue purse ($50) pops an added layer of fun.

Merchandise from: Frankie and Jules, 15495 Quivira Road, Overland Park, frankieandjules.com

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