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Lookout: Brock Potucek

Brock Potucek is wearing a sweater and shirt that were given to him by his girlfriend, a pair of Levi’s jeans he bought at Arizona Trading Company for $60, and Dr. Martens boots he bought for $2 from Kansas City vintage clothing seller Dalton Carter.

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When Brock Potucek finds shoes or jeans that he likes, he wears them to death.

For instance, he used to have these super-comfortable cobalt wingtip dress shoes.

“I wore those until they completely fell apart,” Potucek says. The same goes for denim.

Potucek, who fronts the Kansas City punk-pop band Lazy and cooks vegan dishes at Fud on the West Side, is 6-foot-2. Finding pants that are long enough is almost impossible, so it was a big disappointment when he went on tour and lost his favorite Levi’s.

When Potucek needs to restock his closet, he sifts through thrift stores such as Savers or Salvation Army. He also likes Arizona Trading Company, a secondhand clothing store in Westport — especially because band mate Sarica Douglas works there and always points him to the best stuff.

Potucek’s taste is pretty simple: He likes button-down shirts, oversized sweaters, structured jackets and sturdy boots. He says he used to take fashion more seriously, but as he gets older, he cares more about comfort and isn’t afraid to incorporate humor now and then.

Recently, he wore ski pants to a 1970s-themed birthday party at Funky Town in east Kansas City. A few days later, he wore them out again, for fun.

The ski pants didn’t make it into the musician’s heavy rotation. But recently Potucek’s girlfriend, Erica Peterson, gave him these really cool cobalt wingtips. Of course, he has them on replay.


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