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At Home With … Tiesha Miller in Briarcliff

Tiesha Miller decorates her Briarcliff home with bright colors and chic glass accessories.

The series

“At Home With” showcases unusual styles and decor in the Kansas City area and appears in Ink the first and third weeks of the month. Know someone with an enviable space? Send info and photos to sarah@inkkc.com.


Tiesha Miller is drawn to vibrant colors.

Turquoise blue. Poppy red. Lemon yellow.

One of Miller’s all-time favorites is a minty green that reminds her of her great-grandmother’s farmhouse in Nebraska. She picked out paint to match before she bought her home, a 1943 Cape Cod in Briarcliff.

Since moving in a year ago, Miller, a business systems analyst, has painted nearly every wall. The kitchen is a darker shade of robin’s egg blue, the living room is a pale, desert pink, and the dining room is Miller’s favorite mint color.

Miller indulges her paint addiction in the clearance sections at home improvement stores. Often, those stores will sell botched batches of paint at deeply discounted prices.

“I love the ‘oops aisle,’ ” Miller says. “You can find paint for $2-$5 a can!”

Color isn’t the only thing Miller collects: She’s also into vintage glassware, fresh-cut flowers and … baseball memorabilia. She has a signed Buck O’Neil photograph and a bathroom decked out in Royals gear.

The devoted fan says that if there’s one color she’ll never tire of, it’s Royal blue.


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