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At Home With the Dastrups in Hyde Park

hyde park

Justin and Crissy Dastrup live in a historic Hyde Park home with three kids and two dogs. Crissy, a freelance interior designer, decorated the three-story house on a budget.

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Four years ago, Crissy and Justin Dastrup moved from Oklahoma to Kansas City and started searching for a place to plant their growing family.

The couple looked at houses all over the city before falling in love with a rambling three-story in historic Hyde Park.

Filling the 4,000-sqaure-foot home was no problem: Crissy, a freelance interior designer with an ever-expanding collection of brass objects, terrariums, pretty plates and vintage travel posters, immediately went to work sprinkling her finds all around.

“I am not a minimalist,” she admits. Unless, that is, it comes to spending money. Crissy is an expert bargain hunter with a knack for finding expensive-looking objects in thrift stores and clearance aisles of home improvement stores. A few of her best tips:

  • Reupholster thrift store furniture with beautiful fabric. Crissy buys bolts of whimsical, nature-inspired prints by Amy Butler at quilthome.com.

  • Check the sale section for bold tile that most people would be too tame to try. The Dastrups glammed up their first-floor bathroom with pearlescent glass tile rescued from a bargain bin.

  • Scope out stores like ReStore that sell new and used building materials. Crissy bought a brass chandelier there for $15. Later, she saw the same piece online for $800.

  • Invest in quality objects you will love for a long time. Sturdy curtain rods, solid brass air grates and whimsical Anthropologie quilts are a few of Crissy’s favorite things.

As for Justin? He pretty much leaves the decorating to Crissy.

“I don’t have many opinions on it,” he says, “and she’s determined to have her way.”

That arrangement worked out well for this Hyde Park home, a modern mansion filled with eclectic decor that only looks expensive.


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