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At Home With Nora Frankel in Waldo

Nora Frankel's 1920s tudor-style home in Waldo is filled with retro furniture and DIY decor.

At Home With,” a feature that takes you inside cool and unusual apartments and homes in the Kansas City area, appears in Ink the first and third weeks of the month. Know someone with a kick-ass pad? Send info and photos to sarah@inkkc.com.


Nora Frankel isn’t home much.

The 37-year-old pastry chef works at Andre’s Confiserie Suisse and Moxie Catering, and her trivia and local music habits keep her entertained after hours.

I probably go out five days a week,” she says.

You’d expect her home to be little more than a place to sleep and do laundry. But her Tudor-style two-bedroom in Waldo looks like it’s inhabited by a super-cool homebody. Frankel has enviable collections of mid-century modern furniture, vinyl records, books and snow globes. And everywhere you look, there’s a DIY decor project.

Frankel sewed vibrant Urban Outfitters tapestries to make curtains, fashioned a magazine rack from yard sticks and framed photos cut from an old-school pinup calendar she bought at an estate sale. She also makes her own terrariums by stuffing jars with succulent plants, aquarium rocks and tiny flea market knick-knacks.

All those things make this house cute, colorful and extremely cozy. How Frankel manages to leave it so often, we’ll never know.


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