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At Home with Katie Morris of Gladstone


Katie Morris is an expert bargain hunter who loves finding deals on furniture, decor and clothes. Morris's favorite room in her Gladstone house? The walk-in closet, of course.

“At Home With,” a feature that takes you inside cool and unusual apartments and homes in the Kansas City area, appears in Ink the first and third weeks of the month. Know someone with an enviable space? Send info and photos to sarah@inkkc.com.


Three years ago, Katie Morris inherited her grandparents’ home in Gladstone.

Morris and her mom worked for months to fix up the two-story house. They painted the walls, ripped up old carpet to reveal good-as-new hardwood floors and considered selling the place.

But when she saw housing prices in freefall, Morris decided to hold on to her family heirloom. The artist and expert bargain hunter emptied out her storage unit, bursting with sculptures and textiles and years of fabulous thrift store finds, and moved in.

“I’ve been collecting things for so long,” Morris says, “that I couldn’t tell if I had too much or not enough.”

Turns out, Morris’ colorful collection of furniture, art and found objects fit in perfectly, with room to spare.

The four-bedroom home has enough space for an office, an art studio and a cozy master bedroom with a shelf full of books. Morris is a big fan of “The Walking Dead” comics and “The Lord of the Rings” series. The bedroom also boasts a deep walk-in closet.

“This is my favorite room in the house,” Morris says of the closet, where she stashes her ever-expanding collection of clothes and shoes.

The result is a home that reminds Morris of the past — her grandmother’s chopping block is in the kitchen, and her grandfather’s marble collection is next to a laptop in the home office — but still feels uniquely her own.


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