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At Home With … Grace Townley and Spencer Lott


Grace Townley lives with her boyfriend Spencer Lott in a 1950s apartment near the Plaza. Lott, a professional puppeteer, created the Velvet Rooster mascot for Tallgrass Brewing Company in Manhattan, Kan.

“At Home With” showcases unusual styles and decor in the Kansas City area and appears in Ink the first and third weeks of the month. Know someone with an enviable space? Send info and photos to sarah@inkkc.com.


Grace Townley and her boyfriend, Spencer Lott, were watching the news a few weeks ago when they found out that Hyatt has proposed a 12-story luxury hotel on the Country Club Plaza — right where their 1950s apartment complex stands.

If the plan is approved by the city, Victory Court Apartments will be demolished, and Townley and Lott will be crushed.

They love their one-and-a-half bedroom apartment, with its lacquered wood floors, tree-lined courtyard and views of the Country Club Plaza.

The couple moved in a year ago and filled the apartment with all their favorite things. Books, musical instruments, a telescope. Lott is a professional puppeteer, and Townley is a social worker who loves to paint. Their tiny studio is neatly crammed with handmade puppets, art supplies and paintings of outer space.

Lott sewed curtains out of colorful fabric, and Townley painted orange stripes on the kitchen walls.

Together they’ve made the space their own. But they still like to imagine all the other people who’ve lived here during the past 60 years. You can feel the history: Some of the doors have so many coats of white paint that they don’t shut all the way.

The couple don’t want to be the last residents to call this place home.

“It’s adorable, historical,” Townley says.

Plus, Lott says, “it’s affordable housing on the Plaza.”


  1. 3 years, 1 month ago

    That is so neat!

  2. 3 years, 1 month ago

    Hugs and good luck!!

  3. 3 years, 1 month ago

    Me too!!

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